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Emergent Phenomena in Quantum Systems

Experimental Investigator Awards

The Science Program of the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation is pleased to announce a national competition for experimental investigators in the physics of quantum materials. This investigator program is a cornerstone of the Emergent Phenomena in Quantum Systems (EPiQS) initiative, (, which seeks to advance the understanding of organizing principles that lead to complex collective behavior of electrons in condensed-matter systems.

This program will enable the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation to boost discovery-driven research in the physics of quantum materials by providing a group of leading experimental scientists with substantial, flexible funding that gives them the freedom to explore and, if needed, change research directions. The experimental investigator awards will focus on people, rather than particular research topics, materials, or techniques. We expect that these awards will relieve some of the leading scientists in the field from pressures and constraints of the current funding environment, thus maximizing their creativity. The investigators will become part of the EPiQS integrated research program that will involve experimental investigations, materials synthesis, theoretical research and a variety of collaboration- and community-building activities.

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