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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you soliciting collaborative (multi-PI) applications within this competition?
A: No, this competition focuses on individual investigators. However, should you receive an award, you would be able to spend part of the funds on collaborative activities.

Q: My research interests have only a modest overlap with the scope of EPiQS. Can I still apply?
A: You may contact us at with specific questions and we will try to provide you with guidance. In general, if your research scope does not overlap strongly with that of EPiQS, your chances of being funded will be reduced. However, your chances may be higher if your planned research has the potential to advance the field of quantum materials significantly in the future, even if at present it is not directly related. As an example, the development of novel experimental techniques currently relevant  to quantum information science may be of interest to EPiQS, if these techniques are likely to find applications in studies of quantum materials.

Q: Are these awards meant to support exclusively experimental efforts?
A: These awards will focus on some of the top experimental scientists in the field, with the goal of maximizing their creativity and productivity. If an awardee feels that spending a fraction of the award funds on collaborations with theorists is essential to accelerating their progress, he/she will be free to do so.

Q: Are scientists holding adjunct faculty, research faculty, or visiting faculty positions eligible to apply?
A: No, this competition is open only to scientists holding tenure-track or tenured faculty positions in U.S. academia. 

Q: Are scientists at national labs eligible?
A: Not unless they hold a concurrent tenured or tenure-track appointment at a US university.

Q: Are you going to make application reviews available to the applicants?
A: No, our policy is to keep the reviews confidential.

Q: Are current and past grantees of the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation eligible to apply?
A: Yes, our current and past grantees are welcome to apply.

Q: Where do I put references?
A: Any references must be listed as part of the brief narrative in the pre-application. We do not accept any attachments as part of the pre-application except for your CV.

Q: Are figures allowed?
A: No, figures cannot be part of the pre-application.

Q: What is your indirect cost policy?
A: Our indirect cost policy is described here:

Please send any other questions to: